Listening to yourself and dealing with people who won’t take no for an answer.

Why don’t some people seem to take no for an answer? I started asking myself this question today. Why is it that they seem to make it a mission to change your mind? I am on a soul journey to actually live a life that I own.  So often these people who don’t take no for an answer seem to be in my life. Why?

I just found the above video so poignant and bone-chilling to me. Now that example doesn’t happen everyday, but it is such a good example of what people like myself need to do. We need to listen to ourselves. We need to listen to our voices inside. We need to STOP dismissing it! IT is there for a reason.

Persuasion is different than manipulation. It is not manipulative. It puts forth a dialogue between two people. It gives the other person the freedom to change their mind in their own timing. IT is not demanding!

Manipulation is about the other person. They want what they want when they want it. After all they deserve it. What right do you have to your opinion? They feel entitled. And they are so good at making you feel small and unworthy of having a voice. They play into your tangled thoughts from childhood. Perhaps it is some sort of instinctual sense on their part that you are the sort of person that won’t push back. Perhaps they are good at reading a vibe.

That’s not the vibe you want out there. So you realize that something must change within you. You are not bad. You have a right to your thoughts, opinions, and choices. You have a right to your no! If someone is not accepting that for an answer something is wrong.

And that something is not you.


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