Recent happenings…

Chloe gets a new do. I chopped her hair due to mats and ease of care.  And Seth, my son (forth from left) celebrates with his quartet for winning first place at the high school quartet competition ! Way to go Seth! I am very proud of you.

What else to say? I am slowly crawling out of my slump one day at a time. A new hobby I am attempting is melt and pour or M&P soap making. The cold process with lye kind of freaks me out at the moment. And I as my husband likes to call me, am “The Short-Cut Lady”. He often gets on me for liking to take short cuts. Perhaps I should embrace this. One should accept their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

In trying to rethink my lifestyle…minimize…why not do what is easier and takes less time. I don’t believe in multitasking. I don’t want to cram a bunch of activities into my life just for the sake of being busy.

So my husband is downsizing and minimizing. I am so glad he is on this bandwagon. In addition to that, I am not only minimizing with stuff but with my time I spend on social media. I realize that it is rather addicting and was controlling me. So it is time to put boundaries on myself with computer related activities.

One of another weakness of mine I noticed about myself is that I get discouraged and depressed often and easily. I really am rather like Eeyore the donkey from Winnie the Pooh. “Thanks for noticing me.” Acknowledging this kind of makes me feel bad. But then that is me feeling bad about my insecurities.

So I try to distract myself with hobbies and art projects which does make me feel better for a time. And I don’t want to be described as a religious person, but I pray, and try to develop my relationship with God. Sometimes I feel somewhat distant from Him. But I trust He is here. “Thanks for listening to me…”



For my new soap making hobby. Soap Queen TV…






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