Maybe I am blaming the internet for my hermitage, but the negativity on the internet and in the media really bothers me. I would like people to be nice and be kind to each other, but this is not how real life works I guess.

I don’t like the news and all the politics going on and no I don’t have solutions for the worlds problems. But I think God does and I am not God.

I will be turning 45 years old on the 27th and I STILL have a problem with people’s opinions. I am a very sensitive soul. I have tried to get tougher, but I find that only makes me into an angry person and I don’t want to be that.

But the truth is that the reason life and the world doesn’t work is because of freewill. Humans are selfish, mean, and nasty. And I am one of them. We need God because without Him we have no hope.

Don’t follow man and by man I mean mankind, which includes women. People will always let you down so that is why it is not a good idea to follow them. EVERYONE no matter how great we think they are HAS PROBLEMS, FAULTS, AND SINS.

But I am digressing from the hermit part. I want to live in my own private world of peace and quiet away from the internet, but I am afraid I have an addiction to it.  Just like Facebook, I get sucked back in. The reason being is that there must be some kind of pay off for me in that. It’s like a bad relationship. I want out but I am stuck. Help!

For the life of me I don’t know why I have to share my feelings with the world. Well, maybe I do. Maybe for affirmation? Maybe because I lack intimacy in my own personal relationships. I’m psychoanalyzing myself now.

But I am pretty isolated which may or may not be a good thing. I know this! I was looking for purpose at one point. I will be okay because somehow I have made it this far.

Anyone have a suggestion on what I could do for my 45th birthday? I will never forget my 35th birthday because I got my bellybutton pierced. (I don’t have that anymore.)