The Art of Living in Obscurity.

IMG_8582.JPGThe most powerful people are the ones who don’t need to be noticed. Since the event of the internet and social media it seems many of us clamor for more attention these days. I guess it’s kind of like high school and the hierarchy of groups. I have noticed this within myself and I believe I am on the way to conquering it. I’m not perfect grant you.

To be small is to be humble. To carry on day after day doing things that aren’t often noticed and yet being happy with that and yourself. Being the stream into which all the other streams can flow into is a beautiful thing. But it all starts with what we tell ourselves, I suppose.

I am not sure why the thought comes to me that the ones in the spotlight are somehow more important. Maybe some of us believe this from time to time. I know I do. But the fact is that is not true. Every life is a life that is worth living. Every life rich or poor, famous or not, beautiful or average is valuable. All life is sacred.

There are many benefits in not being noticed. Anonymity is gift. Because the downside to being in the spotlight is that you are a target. And it’s hard for some people, most especially HSP’s (highly sensitive persons) to take criticism. And it would honestly crush some of us.

So if you are feeling small today, remember that’s okay. That doesn’t mean you are worthless. Just because no one seems to pay attention to you or what you have to say doesn’t mean you aren’t important and that what you have to say is not important. Relish your quiet, unassuming life. It is valuable.

The two most important things I have learned is: 1. to believe that God likes me 2. to like myself. When I hold these in my heart it vaccinates me against the need for attention. Lastly, I think maybe appreciating the gifts within myself is also important. Live you own life. It’s yours. Do your own thing. Be an original. Well, it all may sound hokie, but I believe it. I just have to keep telling myself these things. I vaguely think I have written on this before and I just give up about that because my memory is not what it use to be. 🙂

Let go of any and all anxiety that you are not where you are suppose to be. You are. Release the anxiety of having to earn your worth by what you do, what you have, or what you look like! You’re fine. You are. I am not kidding. Those people you so admire in the spotlight still have the same problems you do, if not more. No one gets through this life unscathed. But there is hope and His name is Jesus. Welcome this hope into your heart by receiving the grace of God. Don’t worry. Be happy.







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