One of my many life goals is to turn the camera around and take less selfies. I find my profile full of selfies…boring!

I see a friend who takes pictures of the beautiful Oregon scenery and it’s beautiful and interesting. She rarely takes a photo of herself although she is very beautiful!

I have been through the mountains and the valleys of despair and I have found a life centered on myself is boring and selfish.

But this is not to say I go around whipping myself and bemoaning how bad or sinful I am. This is actually equally self centered and selfish.

So I’m on this personal quest to look outside self. Still love self but take an interest and love for others also.

Sing the praises of others. Sing the praises of God for that matter.

Forget about the selfies. Lose yourself in others. (Not in a codependent / needy sort of a way.)