To all who follow this blog. Thank you. I appreciate you. I am making changes in my life. I have decided to retire from writing. But never say never. I will make posts here from time to time but not like I use to. I am focusing my life more in the real world.

I have a family to take care of and a newly adopted fur baby. What I think is the most time consuming is keeping the house clean. And I need to get more rest!

I am doing very well. I have let go of a lot of expectations I put on myself and those I felt others were putting on me. I am just aiming for being a normal, everyday, typical person. Rather than chasing fame…or success or whatever it was I was chasing!

I have learned a great lesson that I really needed to love and accept myself first rather than seeking outside approval to feel that I am “okay” or worthy or something. I still struggle but I am way better than I once was. I am happy with myself more than I have ever been.

I am letting go of religious rituals that snuck into my life to make me think that they were how I kept God happy or gained favor with Him. I have to work on this too. I have to accept that God loves and accepts me and that I don’t need to earn His favor or approval. I can rest in grace and don’t need to struggle so much.

Life is lived in the real world.

Thank you. Sincerely,

Esther –