What is a healthy relationship?



There are many of these wheels to be found online and at the center they have differing cores. Some respect and some non-violence. I think that topics such as self-esteem and healthy relationships should be taught in schools.

Sometimes for people of faith this can be even more confusing because of what we were taught in our places of worship. Extreme views are not always condusive to healthy relationships. On my journey, I had to figure out for myself what is healthy and what is not because I was not getting the help and support that I needed within my faith community. This is a very touchy subject for people of faith and with strong personal convictions.

Because of my recovery from codependency, I feel very strongly that children know their worth at a young age, are taught about boundaries, and know that they have a right to say no. And don’t need to stay in uncomfortable situations.

It is very hard for me to speak because I have a secular audience and an audience of faith. I am often overlapping and get the two confused.  They have to be separate because they grew up with different beliefs and have to be approached on the basis of their beliefs.

Without going into too much details, certain beliefs I had caused me to feel very small and powerless as a woman and wife. And if one feels small and powerless they are going to act small and powerless. But the truth is no matter who you are you do have personal power and you do have choices! Everyone has the freedom to decide what is best for them as long as they are not hurting another person, most especially physically. There is never an excuse for physical abuse.







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