Silkscreen for beginners!

Some days I wake up and say…I think I’ll do this. Then I find a way to do it. Imperfectly, yet I do! Recently, since making special needs bibs, I wanted to find a way to put my logo on them and embroidery was too expensive. So I decided to learn how to silkscreen. I was going to buy a kit from: ryonet click here, but I needed something even easier for me. I still recommend this kit if you have the space and ability to have a dark room. But it didn’t work out for me at this time.

I found this wonderful company with silk screen emulsion stencils that are all ready to be exposed to your art work (transparencies).  All you need to do is put the transparencies over the stencil and expose for 1 minute on a sunny day! It works really well. But you need to do your test strips first. You must have a dark transparency. And make sure it is properly rinsed out so that the ink can pass through the silk screen. Most silk screens are no longer made out of silk by the way!

These are my creations so far that I am proud of. If you have any questions ask me below!


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