There is something to be said for the loners and outsiders.

Social media reveals i often seek to impress. quietness w God allows me to…be.

For most of my life I have felt like the outsider trying to fit in. I do seem to recycle the same topics over and over in a different way and I see a message starting to form. I just wanted to write a few thoughts on the outsiders and loners.  There is something good to be said of them. They are outside looking in and they can see the conformity of groups. They can see how people are cloning themselves in the image of their peers and or leaders.

A group can be powerful and the we can get more done than the I. But there is a danger in being swallowed up by the group until there is no more you. Individuality is a good thing. How often I have shied away from the group because I felt pressure to conform. I concluded there must be something wrong with me because I am not doing things the way that others are doing them. I said to myself…”I must be deeply flawed.”

But not today.

I do consider myself an outsider, but I see the tremendous gift in not fitting in. I have a different perspective. And I see I have stood up for my own voice at a tremendous cost of the “disapproval” of others. But that is the lesson that I was suppose to learn. That sometimes you have to stand alone. You have to face angry contorted faces and not flinch.

You have a right to be yourself. To have your own opinions and to disagree with others.

The greatest contribution you can give to the group is to maintain your sense of self while contributing to it. There must be room for dissent.

It is so easy to follow the crowd for it is so mindless. We are social creatures that sometimes so desperately want to be accepted that we will put up with anything. But no matter who we are we are people and people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Respect starts with the self.

There is a saying of treating others the way that you want to be treated. But it doesn’t really work out well if you are constantly disrespecting yourself and disowning your opinions. If you feel like an outsider, own that. It is not a “bad” thing. It’s a gift.





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