The Trouble With Crowd-Funding

Here is a very interesting article I found on the problems that can arise with crowd-funding:

I have had mixed experiences with crowd-funding. However the negative experiences of not receiving my perks has got me thinking.  The initial excitement of funding a project is left dwindling long after the campaign has ended.

While I don’t want to be rude or demanding about getting my promised perk, some people are not so nice. It can ruin your companies reputation. So I consider the unfulfilled perks part of my “donation”. But it’s not tax deductible.

I just want to caution you the next time a campaign comes popping up on your feed. You are donating at your own risk.

My problem has been my overly empathetic personality that sometimes wants to save the world. But this is where I need balance and to implement wisdom and not let guilt be my guide.

Do your research on the company and try to find feedback or reviews about others who have worked with them.

Mistakes happen. People get busy. But that should be the exception and not the norm with these campaigns.

What do you think? What has your experience with crowd-funding projects been like? Please share!








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