Everyone is desperately insecure.

I once heard a pastor say this: “Everyone is desperately insecure.” It really helped me because I have been feeling quite badly about my insecurities.  It seems when I speak of them people look at me as if to say: “You poor pathetic creature. I have self-esteem and you don’t! Tisk, tisk.”

It could be a lot of things, but sometimes I really think that admitting your insecurities makes you a target for pity and more condescention.  I don’t understand why.  To me I’m just being honest.  I’m trying to be open, vulnerable, and transparent.  Perhaps I am too open.

I have been working on my insecurities and I have my faith in God.  But I still struggle! I would be lying if I told you my life is absolutely wonderful and I don’t have a care in the world.  That’s not true.

The truth is I have so much to be thankful for. I practice gratitude and thankfulness and positive thinking! I have found thinking negative thoughts is just not working for me.

I want to live out the rest of my life (the second half) with a glorious strength and vitality.  The first half of my life was good, but I had terrible bouts with depression. And I felt bad and guilty for that!

But today I look on myself with loving eyes as Jesus would, well and does! I am an overcomer. I am an overcomer!

I have been through many hoops and blogs to get here.  I have been waiting for the construction of my house.  There has been a lot of waiting. There has been a lot of trials, pain, and heartache.  And it has not been fun.

But I like where I am today. I like the maturity of 43, although, I still have much more maturing to do. It’s okay.

I have done a few things in life. My children are my greatest accomplishments, second only to somehow staying married for almost 17 years! Ha. These are the greatest things to brag about.  Not awards, degrees, or books…



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