My Grace is enough for you.

I think we have a hard time understanding the concept of grace.  Grace is a gift.  How many times has someone given you a gift and you feel this uncomfortableness inside.  The kind that makes you want to run out and buy them a gift?

I think it is because we are not always good at receiving something for free.  We want to feel like we contributed like we paid for it.  Like we earned it.  Like we DESERVE it.

I have struggled with the grace of God.  But today I see it for what it is. A gift.  I just need to receive it!

So often I try to be what I think is “good enough”.  But I am fooling myself as well as tiring myself out trying to perform for God.  All He wants is my heart and my attention…my ear…my devotion.

I lean into His grace.  Though I want to keep telling myself I am not good enough.  God’s grace is enough for me! Putting yourself down can also be an attempt to earn something.  As if it somehow makes you more holy.

The only thing that makes someone Holy, set apart, sacred, is the grace of God! So in Christ, I can say I am the righteousness of God.  Not in me, but in Christ because this is why He died…to set me free!

I believe I received the grace of God when I was five years old, but somehow throughout my years I got the impression that I needed to earn something. But I guess that is how it is with humans.  We don’t know how to love people unconditionally very well.  The best example of unconditional love is the love a parent (usually) has for their children.  That no matter how many mistakes they make the parent is still there present loving and encouraging.

What often happens in life is that someone hurts or offends us and we “don’t like that person” anymore.  This is conditional love.  We can forgive them and set boundaries with them if their behavior was very hurtful or abusive.  But maybe our “affection” for them has waned now that they have become so human in our eyes.

It is so easy to love beautiful people.  It is so easy to love people who love us! I find it extremely difficult to love difficult people. Lol.  This is where I must tap into the grace of God.  God’s grace is grace to save our souls, but it is also power to enable us to live the way He calls us to live.

May God give us all grace to love all people.  To love our enemies…


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