Little Arthur McSkittle
loved to play his fiddle.
With string to bow
He loved to go
a diddle, a diddle, a diddle!

He was never at rest
with his chin to his chest
playing from dusk to dawn
He beat the roosters awake
and one garden snake…
with a cock-a-diddle, a-diddle, a doo!

“Little Arthur McSkittle!” said
Mr. McRiddle “How did your learn such a tune?”
“From listening to my mum while she would hum
that lovely Clair de lune!”

Without a care he was unaware
that sleep was in his eyes.
For now the bow was moving real slow
to the tune of a lullaby.

Nighty, night, Little Arthur
sleep tight Little Arthur
as you drift oft to the starry sky-
Tomorrow will come but for tonight
we are done- lean into this lullaby.

by Esther Bautista