One of my biggest issues has been following people.  I mean there are good people out there that can be good role-models, however, God wants me to follow Him. Not people.

What I would do is look to others way to much for my cues as to how to live my life.  If someone was doing something for example like exercising I would compulsively think that I was suppose to do that.  The examples could be endless.  I hope I am making myself clear here. It was insane.  I really didn’t want to do what other people were doing anyway.  I just thought I had to.

I thought there was something wrong with me because I was not like the others.  I thought I was defective and weird.  Well, I completely confess to being different.  I don’t do things the way other people do things because…well…I am not them. And they are not me! That’s okay, I now tell myself. 🙂

God wants me to follow Him by the guidance He gives me through the Holy Spirit. I see He really wants me to go to Him first.  He wants me to ask Him, not people.  I admit I have no clue what I am doing with my life.  And many other people don’t either.  So why should I go to them?

I can go to the Creator of the universe.  He made me so, He should know who I am and what on earth I am here for!  Sometimes the obvious, to me, is not so obvious.

I am amazed at all the people in the world who seem like they have life all figured out.  Well, good for them.  I don’t. I’m clueless.

Going to God should give me freedom. It does…once I lean into that freedom.  It is the freedom from trying to control the world and other people!  God says I have self-control by His Spirit.  I just need to believe and then step out like I do believe.