Creative Interlude – Starting Over – The Rock Under The Snow…


The obliteration of the Rock. I like starting over. I am appreciating new beginnings more and more.  I am appreciating forgiveness. At any point in our lives we can begin again. We can change directions.  We can start over!

Today I obliterated the Rock, figuratively speaking, by using titanium white acrylic paint on this old canvas work.  I wasn’t completely happy with it. It feels so good to paint over the canvas with a fresh coat of paint.

Maybe part of me says, wait, stop, don’t do that.  But that is a small part. Mostly, I say it’s time to start over. Back to the drawing board and let the rock rest underneath the snow. He will be okay! 🙂

I have no idea what I will paint.  But I am feeling like painting circles.  I like smooth round shapes.  I like things that curve and flow.  What about you???

I’m not sure it’s done. Better let it set.


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