Today we were celebrating my Son’s milestone of graduating from eighth grade.

To me this is strange because I don’t believe we graduated from the eight grade. I didn’t.

But what it reminded me of was how important it is to celebrate what YOU have done!

Being codependent, I could not receive praise. I could not celebrate my achievements because deep inside I feel I was not good enough. I didn’t like myself. I dare say I hated myself.

Today, life is much better and continues to get better everyday! I believe God loves me and I am loving me too!

I see how important graduations are! I celebrate with my Son today! I am proud of him and I want him to be proud of HIS efforts!

Years ago I graduated from college but I didn’t walk because I was too embarrassed. Today, I look back and regret not celebrating!

I will always remember these little life reminders along the way and share with others who were like me that it’s okay to tell yourself that you did a good job!