Body Acceptance

I have really experienced first hand the importance of body acceptance. I was on a diet for the longest time. In 2009-2011 I was in really good shape but I still did not like myself. I was still being very mean and self-destructive.

I decided in 2011 to stop dieting. My weight did go up and I lost muscle tone. Then I did lose weight from anxiety, surgery, and my mothers passing away.

I will admit I would rather be thinner, but the most important thing I have learned is that I need to love and accept myself…all of me. This means my body, my talents, and my weaknesses.

I think focusing on being healthy is a good thing. But not getting all crazy about it. You need to have a lifestyle that you can live with. And being on a diet is not something you can live with.

My goal is to go easy on myself and be gently and slowly get back into the habit of exercising.

But the most important thing is that I am kind to myself EVEN if I don’t look like a supermodel.

The best way to value yourself is to stop comparing and competing. Everyone is different. We are all in a class of our own.

We all have special talents and abilities. We all have something to bring to the world. Celebrate yourself.

The movies and television is a make-believe world. And it’s fun to go into that world from time to time. However, you have to love yourself and accept the REAL world that you live in.

And look for the grace and beauty all around you. Look in the mirror and be kind to yourself! You are beautiful, special, unique, and very valuable!

You are irreplaceable! There will never be another you. Love yourself and love the life that God has given you! It is a gift.

Give back to God the gift of the talents He gave to you by using them! Don’t waste any more time feeling bad or jealous that you don’t have the gifts that others have.

Be you and be proud! 😉

Note: This article is so good I have to share it again. It is about loving the body you now have!


4 thoughts on “Body Acceptance

  1. It’s amazing how we have to hit our bottom to truly make the most of the up hill climb to self acceptance and fulfillment. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Glad to hear about your journey to internal healing.


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