Well, I had this idea for a book called “The Moody Aristist Survival Guide.”  Here was part of the synopsis I wrote:

So you’re an artist? So you think you’re a moody artist! Do your friends tell you that you are moody? Do you have fits of rage and burn, destroy or otherwise obliterate your works of art?

Do you like to be alone for long periods of time just to “create”?

Do you get extremely irritated when you are in the zone and someone interrupts you? Well then you might be a moody artist!

Do you often ask yourself I wonder what’s wrong with me and find yourself answering back?

This book will help you understand how to deal with your moody artist mood swings.

I still think it could be a great book.  Some people disagree about artists being moody.  I really thought they were, but perhaps that is a stereotype.  I am definately a moody artists.

Other creative types say that artists get moody when they are “blocked” artists.  I think that this is also true.  But I guess the important thing to remember is that these are aspects of the person.

We are first and foremost people.  People are very complicated especially us women.  We are extremely complex and deep.

I guess it makes sense that if I as an artist was born to create and if I am not actively creating I will be blocked, backed-up, and depressed.

Honestly, I have been in such a personal slump for years now.  I have been very sad.  I have been very depressed.  I have been trying to find myself. (Some people argue that finding yourself is vain and selfish. I will be the first to agree when and if I find this to be true.)

Isn’t the act of creating taking self-initiative?  Being diplomatic is good and so is being kind but there comes a time in a persons life where they have to know what they stand for.  The have to know themselves and their voice.

Again, another reoccuring theme in my writing is the voices.  This goes along with finding the self.  I don’t think I can be constantly directed by other people.  Can I go ask permission from them to create?  Why?

Do I need to seek out that person to find fulfillment, meaning, and purpose?  I guess as I digress it makes them into a personal god.

As a self-proclaimed moody artist I need to take personal initiative and responsibility for myself.  I think the thoughts I think and no one else.  I must cling to the good thoughts, good words, good deeds, and good actions!

I must listen and learn, but I must also teach.  I don’t need to formally say: “I am teaching you now!”  I think the best teachers maybe those who don’t even realize that they are teaching.

The student is the teacher and the teacher is the student.