I find that people have different meanings for words and that’s where the communication break down starts.

It helps to define what you mean when you say a particular word. The other thing that helps is when you are in the presence of a good listener!

A good listener listens, allows you to speak freely without judging you.

I feel like I wrote this post before. I have really begun to listen to myself and listen to my inner voice. Now I am not sure what my inner voice is.

Some people call the inner voice by different names. It could be the Holy Spirit. I am not sure at this point.

To me it feels like it’s deep inside of me. It feels like me. But either way I have started listening to it rather than sush it or ignore it.

I just know that when I listen to it and or myself I feel much happier and more at peace.

I am being more honest with myself and others.  I am not doing what I have done in the past which was doing stuff I really didn’t feel comfortable doing!

I use to really doubt myself and second guess my decisions. I had to poll people in order to feel confident enough to make  choice. My life didn’t feel like my own. It felt like I was allowing other people to run my life. Most of the time theses other people didn’t know they were running my life.

Perhaps my INFP personality lent itself to being controlled by others or my highly sensitive nature. I am still trying to understand how I was shaped into the person I was and still struggle with at times.

Listening to my inner voice sure is a challenge sometimes. You feel strongly that you should go in one direction and the disapproval of people tugs you in a different direction. A direction that you do not wish to go!

You are left alone with your inner voice to make your choice. You don’t like getting “flack” from other people, but in listening to that voice you pay the price! The price is extreme alienation and disapproval.  And it’s lonely sometimes.

It has become easier but it’s still seems really hard for me to listen to myself and my inner voice.