My Horrible Job Experiences…

This Podcast about how people quit their jobs by The Tom Nardone Show, got me thinking about my job history.  It was very timely  because I was depressed when I looked at my resume today.  Every once and a while I get a wild hair to look for a job.  Then I look at my job history, get depressed, and mope.

Thankfully The Tom Nardone Show has cheered me up today!  How ironic!

So I am reminded of how I quit one job.  I worked at JC Penneys years ago in the shoe department.  I was in the wrong job for me, an INFP!  Well, I worked with this fellow shoe sales person who was there a while before me.  She showed me how to pull a box of shoes down to get it for the customer.

Let me interject, I have ADD.  I am not the best person at organizing!  So when we were slow, I had this bright idea of organizing the shoes.  She just went along with me and followed my lead.  We had boxes and boxes of shoes down on the floor.  Shoes were everywhere!

Then the manager came in… (Oh, I was four months pregnant by the way with my first child.) He looked at the floor.  Then he looked at us.  Then he started yelling at us for being such idiots.  As I remember he yelled equally at both of us.  I just stood their as my heart sank.  ( I am also a Highly Sensitve person or HSP).  I didn’t know how to respond back then.

Pretty much I was under the impression that THE BOSS can do whatever he wants with you and there’s nothing you can do about it.  And you never talk back to your boss, ever.

After he left, I was so upset. I couldn’t continue for the day.  So I walked off the job and never looked back.  I went home and cried. 😦

I am sure many people have even more dramatic stories to share about their negative job experiences.  I have never blogged about this before.  If feels really good. Tom’s show: Take this job and shove it really inspired me.

I was very badly mistreated and disrespected that day.  Today I would have handled it differently.  I wasn’t trying to be difficult by leaving work, but being highly sensitive, I don’t think JC Penneys would have appreciated having me continue to help customers while crying big crocodile tears at the same time.


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