Jesus said, “Come follow people.”

Oh, hmm… did I misquote Jesus?  What do you think?  Do you know the verse?  Does it say: “Come follow Pastors, Teachers, Leaders, Peers”?

For those of you who don’t know the bible Jesus said, “”Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” Mark 1:17 NIV

I think that people are following people.  I was one of them.  Even within the church I see clones.  People that follow others in the church and they don’t know who they are.  They are doing what they think others tell them they should do.  They are being what others tell them they should be.

We try and make people into what we think they should be rather than accepting them for who and what they are.

I am a very quiet and introverted person.  Does that make me wrong or bad?  I use to think so.  I don’t think so any longer.  I was given my personality for  a reason.  In the call Jesus gave me personally, I think that He can use me where I am and with the personality I have.  I don’t need to try and be something I am not any longer!

I don’t need to try and be a preacher, teacher, or leader!  I don’t need to fight against the grain.  I can go with my grain and see what happens.

I use to really hate my personality and compare myself to those outgoing, loud, boisterous people on stage.  I felt not good enough.  Deficent. Defective. Worthless.

I am not deficient, defective and worthless.  And neither are you.

Today I had an ephipany or as Oprah would say, a lightbulb moment. I thought maybe the reason I don’t feel I fit in is… I don’t!  Maybe the reason I feel out of place is that I am not in the place to which Jesus has called me!  Wow.

I think that in order to find the place we need to get quiet.  We need to stop listening to all the voices that clamor around us.  We need to trust the still small voice to direct us.


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