I was thinking today of something that would have made a great blog post but I lost my thought! It’s frustrating when inspiration smacks you upside the head but you don’t heed her voice!

It was something about being an artist and needing to create or else we get very moody.  Well, artists are already moody, but speaking for myself, if I am itching to create and can’t I am not pleasant to be around!

I am starting to think that maybe God’s purpose for me is just being creative and not having the pressure to make money doing so.

When money is exchanged I think it kills something inside. Did you know that when you put a price on something that decreases it’s value?

I was trying to explain that to my husband, but he didn’t understand. It’s very deep. Like me. I am a well of rich knowledge.

Money is nice, but it’s not everything. I just want the freedom to do what I was born to do. I am looking forward to letting my creative juices flow. To lose myself in the process.

I recently started sewing and making bibs to sell on etsy. Sales are zero. I hate selling. I enjoyed making the bibs very much. I’m not a business woman. I think the selling is killing me.

I think it’s hindering my creative process. It’s taking up my mental space that could be used for new ideas instead of marketing!

I may try something different soon. Something radical. Not sure what yet.

I love the variety of God’s creation. He’s the first artist / designer. That’s where I get this passionate desire to make something beautiful to express myself.

Are you creative? What do you like to do? How does it make you feel?