Call me a selling and marketing snob, but I just can’t stand it!  I feel like I am pandering, begging people to buy what I am selling and that just isn’t my style or who I am.

I want to share with people thoughts that will help them.  I don’t want people to have to pay for what I write.  But I guess that makes me a horrible business person.  I don’t care.  It’s not my gifting.

I need to accept my style of being in the world. I have no idea what my true calling is. But right now it is to share with you about how I dislike self-promotion.

Other people can do that and that is fine and I don’t judge them.  But I personally don’t feel comfortable promoting myself.  Some of you will say, but then you will never grow your business or sell anything.

This could very well be true.  But the point is what is my goal.  For me having fun and being creative is my goal.  My goal was never to build an empire or save peoples souls.  Let God do that!  (I can hear tons of arguements now. Shh!)

I still think that the purpose of life is to have fun.  Not to make money.  But if you do both at the same time…more power to ya!