What is the Greatest Obstacle to Success?

In my opinion one of the greatest obstacles to success is a lack of confidence. I know because I often have a lack of confidence!

I see people all around me who honestly don’t know the heck what they are doing! It’s just that they have the confidence to act like they do!

Which is good news to me and you! All you need is the appearance of confidence and once you convinced others that you are capable you also convince yourself!

I use to be so in awe of people especially those who would randomly start some business adventure.

I would whine to myself: “How can they just go off and do that!? I’m not good enough to do that! I wish I was good enough! Why doesn’t anything good ever happen to me!?”

Well, I see the error of my ways! Good things do and can happen to me. I just need to believe it and in myself. I am awesome and can achieve whatever I set my mind to especially since I have the gift of OCD and ADD!

Achieving success is a matter of just doing it! Perhaps you will get bored and move onto something else like me and that’s okay! You will learn something in the process.

Look at the bright side. You are good enough to be yourself and the best you, you can! You are awesome. I am awesome and together we can be 2 separate, but unique individuals with conflicting wants, needs, and desires!

Then we can fight! Get really mad at each other and maybe even forgive one another! Or not.

But we learn everyday! Whether we are sewing bibs, writing blogs, or just laying in our bed at 11:27 am like a sloth.

The important thing is that no matter where we are God still loves our sloppy, stinky, bottoms and we need to also.

So get out there and do something! And you will already surpass my lazy butt bottom!


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