I asked myself this this morning during my morning quiet meditation and devotion time.

I think He knows the language but doesn’t speak it. I think this language was born out of trying to simplify complex answers.

Catch phrases that are easier to spout off to someone who is in pain rather than sitting with them in their pain.

Words or phrases are easier to say than to sit and listen to someone heart.

God always wants to hear what is on our hearts. He always take the time to listen. He is not too busy nor impatient.

Humans are human. We are busy and impatient! Among other things.

I don’t like Christianese at all. I’m sure I have spoken it a lot in my lifetime. I don’t want to anymore.

I want to speak the language of love, the language of the heart. I want to listen…to be there for people in their pain and be empathetic.

Because I was left alone in the dark in my deep pain. When I cried out no one was there to listen. And that hurts.

The Holy Spirit is sensitive and cares about your feelings. He’s not a sludge hammer. He’s quiet and peaceful and very kind.