Ever Wonder: “where do I fit in”?

I have that phrase going on and on in my head in regards to feeling like I am a part of a group. I tell myself, but I don’t fit in!

I wonder if it’s me rejecting me or an excuse to avoid people?

I don’t feel like the typical wife, mom, friend. Or maybe I don’t want to feel typical because then I don’t think I would be “special”.

I want to be special. It’s hard to believe sometimes. I honestly do not feel like I fit in anywhere!

I think this is a terrible place to be.

I don’t feel I fit in with friends or church or even my family. I love my kids though a lot!

This is part of my honest journey. Do you ever feel like you don’t seem to BELONG anywhere? I do.

Maybe there is a gift in this. I hope so. People need a sense of belonging to feel connected and happy!

I haven’t felt connected in ever. Have you?

I am just a loner. A wandering lonely artist. Looking for herself and God in the process. Actually I’m looking for self-acceptance and it’s only found in me looking in the mirror and telling myself I love and accept you just the way you are!

You are valuable, unique, and special.
You have a gift to share with others! Your voice matters!

Dear God, help me stop comparing myself and thinking I will be rejected. Help me to stop rejecting myself before others do. I am fragile but you are very strong. You let me be real
With you and you don’t reject me! Thank you.


Part of why I have felt I don’t fit in is because I felt I was “wrong”. I felt my introverted natured made me unacceptable. I am learning I am fine just the way I am. And that I don’t need to try and be outgoing when I’m not. It’s okay to be introverted!


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