Rude People Remind Me Why I Am A Recluse.

Maybe it’s just me?  Well, I use to think that.  But no, it’s not just me.  Some people are rude.  Maybe they are just having an off day.  But these people I call rude remind me why I like keeping to myself.  I don’t have to deal with their hurtful attitudes directed at me.

I was trying to enroll my son in the new school district where I live.  Well, I am not impressed based on this first impression from the enrollment director.  She was rude to me and condescending.  Well, that is how I felt she came across.  She wasn’t listening.  She was presuming.  And I don’t want to fight with people so I sent my husband to finish enrolling my son because I was mad!

I won’t go into anymore details but I don’t understand why people need to be rude.  But I will give her a break in my mind.  Maybe she was having a bad day.  I think she was judging me.  But I’m not going to get into what I usually do and that is worry about what “the other” thinks of me.  I don’t care anymore.

I want to avoid conflict.  This is my M.O.  I am not sure how long I will be able to do this.  But it is a strategy of mine.  Maybe I should have directly confronted the lady about how I felt she was treating me.  I haven’t reached this courageous level yet.  Maybe I will someday.

I am still learning and growing.  But I don’t like rude people.  I will pray for them.  But I don’t like it when they have attitudes.  Do you?  I mean this lady’s attitude caused me to “react”.  I have made progress because a year ago this incident would have ruined my whole day because of shame.

I would have thought I did something wrong to deserve the treatment and felt bad about myself.  I don’t feel that way today.  I didn’t do anything “wrong”.  I will admit my communication skills are lacking.  I am not always clear when I speak because I am better at communication via writing.

I just needed to get this off of my chest today.  I’m glad I did. 🙂

After thinking about this I see I am so much happier when I can express how I feel.  I am a writer by nature.  I wish I was a higher paid writer.  My book sales have netted 25.00 this year.  But not really because that isn’t even profit!  I am in a deficit.

I am a touchy-feely kind of person.  I feel so much better now after I have had a chance to vent in a healthy and positive way here.  The pen is more powerful than the sword!  Yes, it is.  And tomorrow is another day to try again.  To start over anew and afresh.


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