One Of My Biggest Mistakes In Life…

One of my biggest mistakes in life was expecting others to help me and not taking my own initiative to do things.  Sometimes, with all due respect to myself, I have been helpless and pitiful.  I in no way mean to put myself down here, but I admit that stings.  It is not because I wanted to be that way.  It was because I grew up with some pretty crazy ideas from impressions I got from the world around me and I believed a lot of things about myself that were not true.

I am getting rid of those old beliefs!  Sometimes I get angry and want to blame someone, but I have chosen to take 100% responsibility for myself now.  It is freeing because this means I am not a robot.  It means I think for myself!  And it means I get to own my choices!  No one can force another human being to do anything.  Well, unless they have a gun and that would be wrong and illegal!!!

The other mistake I made was listening to all the voices in my head except God and myself!  I do know a thing or two.  I am good at things.  I am capable.  I am responsible.  I am helpful.  I am more than I ever thought I was.  And so are you.

I don’t need to do what everyone else is doing!  I am a pioneer.  I make my own way.  I chart my own course.  I live my own life. And the life I live is wonderful.  It is free.  It is happy.  It is a joy.


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