Well this week my movie viewing went much better.  I didn’t faint like last week.  I watched The Giver.  I walked in late so I missed the first 10 minutes.  It’s about a utopian society that has sterilized the people from all that makes them human.  I thought the characters would be even more robotic.  The still seemed to have emotions.  I enjoyed this movie.  It was very good, but I didn’t read the book.  My son said he did and he felt I would like the movie.  But movies are merely a snapshot of what is in a book.  And they can’t tell you what goes on in a character’s head as much as a book.

It’s was quite funny to hear them say: “Precision of language”!  When the receiver said, “Father do you love me?”  The mother said, “Precision of language!”  As if the son has said some offensive cuss word.  This is a very important question…love.

For without love we are nothing.  And our lives are only noise.