Lovely Effects of being an empath / sensitive

Well it’s happened to me ever since I was a child.  I’m highly sensitive and faint while getting my blood drawn.  A lot of people seem to be shocked about that.

But in addition to that I faint sometimes while watching graphic movies.  In fact tonight while watching “Girl Gone” one scene in particular was a trigger for me.  I won’t describe it or I will be sicker!
I am proud of myself because I have come a long way since I was a little girl.  I use to get so mad and embarrassed at myself.  I accept this is just part of who I am.
I am sensitive.  And that’s okay.  I will try and avoid my triggers.
It’s been a rough day and I’m glad it’s all over now. Tomorrow is a new day.
People don’t understand what they haven’t experienced for theirselves.  It’s amazing how often people have made fun of me for fainting.
Some people are nice and try and help me and I really appreciate those people.  But I wonder what lessons I can learn from the people who tease me?
Good night and God bless-


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