It’s true. Everyone needs to cry sometimes.  I also think that everyone at some point gets I to ruts and slumps.  Man, O man, have I been in a major slump recently but for years.

I just acknowledged this today and I am embracing the slump. I am talking about it and facing it unashamedly.  Admitting the problem is half the battle.
So I am looking for people to help in my world.  I am starting within my circle of trust.  Like my husband for example I asked him what he needs help with today.  And I plan on doing that.
I can do something new and creative today. I don’t need to paint to be creative. I can be creative in the way I choose to look at my circumstances.
I do need people, but people need me! I am an answer to someone’s question!
I have gifts to offer.  I believe I do. I just need to discover how to use them.  And believe in myself a tad bid more!  Stay positive and be encouraged pay day is on the way…