Unfortunately this photo does not do the piece justice.  Here I have an 11×14 canvas painted black with acrylic upon which I have mounted 12 pulled apart polaroids.  I knew the film was expired but I wanted to experiment with that and see what I could do.
I never knew you could pull apart polaroid 600 film.  I wanted to get into polaroid transfers so I bought a land camera which uses the polaroid 669 film (they don’t make that anymore).  But you can get Fuji FP-100C instead.  The camera takes wonderful photos in the daylight that is.
But for this work here I used a polaroid instamatic, I think.  Well, I’m not a photographer or film expert.  I am just a chick that loves art and creating stuff!  This is my hobby.  I tried selling on Etsy and that didn’t seem to take.  Recently, I actually thought…well maybe I’m suppose to give this stuff away.
I strongly dislike selling stuff.  I mean if people want to buy stuff I shouldn’t have to bug them about it.  Well, that’s just the way my mind thinks anyway.  I’m not a business or marketing major.  My husband is, well was, I mean.
I just have to post this to let you know that I’m not dead!  I just haven’t had time to create lately.  But my goal is to get some work going here! I love art!  I’m a starving artist.  But technically, I’m not really starving!