God Loves to use little things…

Photo & Arrangement by Esther Bautista 2012
We often, I will speak for myself, I often, think that those in higher more visible positions are making more of an impact.  That somehow they are more important because after all they seem to have a lot of people’s attention!
God on the other hand doesn’t care about books, music, or fame! He’s no respecter of persons.  He isn’t in awe of Madonna, although He loves her deeply!  God loves to use common ordinary people for huge assignments!  Wow, where have I heard that a thousand times before?  In church.
In some ways being famous could make it harder to remain humble.  Pride leads to our downfall and we all have pride!  That is why I was praying for a thorn to keep me humble.  I often want attention so I can feel good about ME!  God forgive me!
But God can use me where I am, without a job, and as an ordinary stay-home-mom.  I don’t need to be famous, write books, be a motivational speaker, being on Larry King or The View.
In fact I think God works best quietly behind the scenes in the prayer closet of those who constantly cry out in prayer to Him!  And believe you me, I have been praying and now I am anxiously awaiting to see how He answers my prayers.
Being humble isn’t a matter of being invisible. Sometimes when I see my pride I shrink back and seek to hide as if that is the only way I can remain humble.  But that isn’t what God wants from me.  I know it.
Sometimes I think that God wants me to SAY SOMETHING!  I try when I feel it placed on my heart some lesson He is teaching me.  He told me “Don’t be shy.”  God is my Rock and the purifier of my motives! So often I have been jealously longing for fortune and fame but my heart belongs to Daddy, Daddy God that is! 
Have you ever seen God move in your life in quiet ways using ordinary days, ordinary people, in extra-ordinary ways?  If so please share your story.

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