Stick to the topic please!

Photo & Painting by Esther Bautista

Appearantly the best way to have a blog is to have one topic and stick to it! My bad. This blog has been my catch all blog for whatever is on my mind on a particular day.

Well today what is on my mind is my friend Bryan Duncan and his campaign for his new album. It’s a long shot that I could drum up support for him but I am going to try.  Trying is the very least I can do and I have the satisfaction of helping another person with their dreams and goals which is rewarding in itself!

This is Bryan Duncan!
I have ADD.  Being in the mix of it it doesn’t seem so strange but appeartantly my behavior is erratic to some people.  My thoughts are all over the place.  This makes life challenging.  I think Bryan has ADD too! Now I don’t feel so bad!
Anyway don’t put me in charge of the money or administration of the business! That is not my niche. I never really figured out what I was born to do!  I keep praying Dear God, what is my calling??? I don’t know!  I feel it’s something more but maybe I have watched too many Disney movies!!!


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