What is one thing we can all agree on?

Photo & Painting by Esther Bautista

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Well, that’s normal behavior for me. Don’t laugh. Well you can if it makes you happy!

Have you ever noticed how people seem to fight a lot on the internet?  How there is a lot of arguing, bickering, name calling, slurs, and just a lot of mean stuff out there?

In examining myself I noticed that I didn’t like these attitudes within myself.  I felt that there is something wrong with spouting off my opinion.  (Forgive me for spouting off my opinion here again!)

So I have come to the conclusion that everyone around the world are people and people are human and that means we are not perfect and yes we/I do have serious character flaws!  Everyone is in need of grace!

Can we all agree that the world needs more love? But we can start by looking at ourselves and admitting our faults and that we aren’t as perfect as we thought…BUT that is okay!  Extend grace to yourself and extend grace to others!

Life is a gift! Let us focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want!  Let us focus on what we can change and not on what is out of our control to change!  We can change our attitudes!  We can drop our stones.  We can walk away.  We can say nothing.

The way we treat and speak to and about others says a lot about ourselves. Words have a way of coming back to us so I am trying to be careful what I say.


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