Photo by Esther Bautista 2013

I am a beauty product junkie.  I love to try new products.  It took me a while to get clued in that a lot of products are not made with good ingredients.  So now that I know this I try and find more natural products.  I wish I could be a product reviewer because it would be fun to try new things and find out what works and what doesn’t.

I even thought for a brief moment about starting a blog specifically for this purpose.  I know there are tons of blogs out there!  But for me that would be a departure of actually sticking to one topic!  I think that I would have more success that way.  Well, what I mean by success is that the blog would have readers.  The reason I don’t have many readers is because this blog is so distracted!

I have recently tried the Alterna line of shampoos.  I like them.  I like the anti-aging caviar moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  I highly recommend that product.  It makes your hair feel moisturized and silky.  But what I do not like about that is the smell.  The smell is more masculine or unisex if you ask me.

I prefer the smell of the Alterna “10” shampoo.  It smells very good.  I think I need to try is a few more times because in my opinion the Caviar shampoo works better.

If you have any question about these products ask me and I will give you my honest opinion!