Maybe my lack of focus is lack of commitment?

Photo by Esther Bautista

I am thinking how I have a hard time defining anything.  I mean what is my blog about?  This blog is about everything or what I am thinking about in the moment.  My youtube channel is along the same lines.  Appearantly, this doesn’t work well for the vast majority of the population.

What I mean is that I am suppose to have a topic and stick to that instead of running around like a crazy-woman.  But what I am thinking today is that could it be due to my fear of commitment?

I sense fear in myself that is afraid to say I will be here at this time and I will do that thing you wanted me to do at that time in that way.  So it is also a lack of boundaries and structure!  Good for me I am being my own psycho-therapist!

We know a lot more than we think we know!  Hey!  What I am doing here is called self-observation.  I am paying attention to myself and my behaviors and analyzing them to see why I do what I do.  It has been helpful because see what I realized today!  Wow!  Maybe it will help me with my blogs and youtube channel?

What is it so hard for me to pick a topic and focus on that?  Maybe it is also because I have many interests?  So what I have learned is that I need focus, commitment, and structure!  These are really important or else you will end up like me…all over the place.  That is not a good place to be if you want to success in life or in your dreams!


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