Photo by Esther Bautista 2014

A lot of people have turned against God and the Bible because of those who have misquoted and misused the scriptures for their own selfish gain.  I saw a very good movie yesterday and I didn’t want to see it, but I did anyway.  Why?  Why, didn’t I want to see it?  Because the subject matter causes me to react and get so angry, but there isn’t anything I can do with that anger except be angry!  And that isn’t beneficial to functioning in my personal life.  That movie was called “12 Years A Slave.”  It was a very good movie and difficult to watch.  It wasn’t fair!!!  It reminded me of the story of Joseph in the Bible.  I guess God brings us through our desert experiences to teach us no matter how painful those experiences are.  I don’t like pain.  And I am praying for the redemption of my painful life!

I often get overly passionate about certain topics, mostly related to injustice or perceived injustices. I am praying and open to God’s leading me into different mindsets and changes in theology.  I have been growing.  I know I am not perfect and tend to be legalistic, harsh, and judgmental!  God forgive me and I pray for balance!  I pray for mercy rather than justice!

But God is changing me and softening my heart.  I know He still has a lot of work to do in me!

Women and men see things differently!  When I am in my logical and non-emotional mindset I can think and reason better and don’t go into my usual knee-jerk reaction.  One topic that is a major hot button for me is media’s portrayal of women and pornography.

Women are degraded, dismissed, and relagated to the personal property of men to be used and abused.  This is not God’s will for a happy and healthy life!  I wish that more people in the church would take these issues seriously.  I don’t have the answers.  I just know this is a huge problem for those inside and outside the church.  And it’s not going away anytime soon!  In fact it’s only going to get worse.

I don’t think that men are going to stand up and man up until women in theirs lives are visibly hurt.  (If ever.)

What will it take for them to say, “Wow, this is really bad and it’s my problem too! I have been contributing to the abuse of nameless and faceless women, as well as, my mother, sister, wife, and daughter and I commit to stop doing that!  My private behavior affects my public life.  I was called to be a protector not a perpetrator.”

Women are precious.  The are your sisters.  A lady I once knew said that if it wasn’t for men, women and children wouldn’t need their protection.  I think she has a point here.  The majority of violence against women and children are committed by men.  (Not all men.)  This is not meant to demonize men.  I just wish, hope, and pray that a few good men would stand up!!!  That they would stand WITH ME and not Bible thump and say that a strong-minded woman is a rebellious and unsubmissive women.  

What good is our religion?  What good is our Christianity?  What is so special about knowing God if we continue to walk in our own stubborn and prideful ways?  My prayer and my hope is to see a lot more leaders with the spirit of humility.  I have been through a lot of negative experiences with the top dogs, people in leadership, who chose to abuse their power and authority over me and use the scripture to dominate and control.  This is wrong.

If you want so much to be a leader, you need to put your money where your mouth is.  Actions speak louder than words.  It’s so easy to say the right words, but to put those words in action is a different story.

I have learned that I must respect authority even if i disagree and even if that authority is abusing their power.  That is one of the hardest things I have even learned.  To have humility and speak respectfully to a person in power who continues to do the wrong thing.  (That gives rise to such anger for the injustice of that!)

I digress again and think that maybe I moved off top but to me it’s all related.  It is human to pass the buck and not take responsibility.  It is hard but not impossible.

A man I really respect is a man who has the guts to stand up and say I take responsibility.  But nevertheless, as the Bible says women must respect their husbands, unconditionally, as well as those in authority.  And all we can do is hand the trust over to God that He is just and doesn’t leave the guilty unpunished, yet He forgives all who truly repents and turns from sinful behaviors.  Forgiveness is always there if we want it, but consequences remain.  That gives some hope in this dark lonely world.

Mistrust of authority is because of bad authority.  If authority was good, righteous, and just like God than it wouldn’t be an issue.  But as it is with the human condition the tendency towards corruption will always be there because there is no one righteous.  Maybe that is why God wants us to pray for authority so they will be humble and enabled to rend right judgements and resist the temptation to take advantage of their power.

I’m praying.  That’s all I can really do.