The trick to going on a —– is the outfit.  Okay, before you roll your eyes and call me shallow, please hear me out!  You want to be classy and elegant, never trashy.   But then again who says, “I think I’m going to dress trashy for my —- tonight!”  The trick is to catch his attention without short-circuiting his brain by too much sexy appeal.

You want him to notice you, but not too much because otherwise he won’t hear a word your saying.  And for us gals talking is VERY important.  Yes, we want to be attractive and eye-catching, but that isn’t all we are after.  We want to connect mentally / emotionally.  (I am not even going to talk physically at this time!)  Well, maybe I will just say physical connection doesn’t equal all the other connections.  Because without love and the mental / emotional / spiritual connection all you have is two animals mating frankly. *Key Sentence.  Read that again.

Can I be frank?  Nevermind, I won’t ask permission to tell it how I see it anymore!  Asthetics are nice but not the most important thing in the world.  However to men, as visual creatures, they seem to put a lot of weight on that.  This is problematic for women.  Women are women.  We do the best we can with what we have.  Don’t expect us to look like cover girls!

I don’t know about you, but I like deep, meaningful conversations.  I don’t like, “Hey, baby your pretty let’s hop in the sack together!”  That’s NOT romantic.  I like to be appreciated for my mind!  My body is a small part of me.  Mostly I am a soul / spirit.

The deepest connections we can have with our ——– are spiritual.  This is true intimacy if you ask me.  A lot of people think that the act of sex is the ultimate intimacy.  Infact many people spell intimacy as S E X.  But they are the ones missing out.  And so often they don’t have a clue.  Only GOD can educate them!  Dear Lord, please do.

In this sex-crazed world, we are connecting physically but that’s about all we are doing.  How lame and boring is that.  I say this from a female perspective.  I am told sex is so high on the priority list for men.  True, I poo-poo that.  Because I think that knowing a person and trusting that person with your life is the highest form of connection.

Knowing that you can count on your man to be there for you and be honest with you.  Now that’s is romantic.  When someone KNOWS you more than in the biblical sense, he really knows you!  And that is all we ever wanted is to be known and loved.

Now, I see that in addition to a word snob…I may also be a communication snob.  Because for me talking is so extremely high on my turn-on list.  I like talking!  But talking doesn’t equal communicating.  Communicating means that there is understanding!  We understand the others point of view and we EMPATHSIZE.

So how does it all relate to the —–  Well for men, I say listen.  Don’t be so eager to climb the palm tree and take hold of its fruit!  Listen!  There is so much more to your woman than a roll in the hay!  She is deep.  Listen to her heart.  Courtship MUST last a lifetime, otherwise your relationship will wither and die a slow, painful death! 😦

And for woman I say don’t stress about the dress!  Be confident and be yourself.  And don’t be like SANDY in GREASE and change your style to catch the attention of a guy!  That may have been a cute musical, but in real life people who change for someone end up becoming resentful and bitter towards the person they did the changing for.  YOU ARE WORTH LOVING. 

p.s.  I will let you know when I go on a —–…still waiting for the one to capture my heart…not merely my body.  For the one who captures my heart captures my body…i digress.