Photo by Esther Bautista 

I am a word snob.  I just discovered that.  I get annoyed with the popular vernacular of the day.  Words or phrases become all the rage and then everyone is using them.  When everyone uses them over and over they become cliche and no longer special.

I guess I live like a word snob in many facets of my life.  I have been ironically self-conscious about my uniqueness and quirkiness but when I think about it; I like being unique.  I like being DIFFERENT!  Differences is what makes us unique and that makes us “special”.  If we all looked the same, thought the same, did things the same…the world would be BORING.

As it is, the world is a place full of people who are different!  This is refreshing.  No two snowflakes are alike!  God went to THAT much trouble to make different snowflakes!!!  He then went to THAT much trouble to make different people!

So I won’t apologize for my word snobbery.  I love words.  I love communication well, certain kinds of communication!  I don’t do oral communication very well as you can see.  That is why you are reading this and why I am not on video telling you this!

Toodles from Esther “The Word Snob”~