My New Book: "The Diminishment of Purpose"

I wrote a new book! This is the first book since 2007.  I wrote two books of poetry starting in 2006.  My first book was called “Mere Words”.  My second book “Hollywood Hearts and other Poems by E.M. Bautista”.  Here are the links to those books on Amazon:

My new book is a short essay about my struggle with depression, self-esteem, shyness, as well as being a stay-home-mom.  It is a stepping stone to finding purpose and meaning.  It is realizing the value of who I am regardless of whether I stay home with the children or work outside the home.  And that in accepting myself for who I am I have found I can let go of shame and feel free to speak from my heart.  When I respect my inner voice I am no longer diminished and therefore do not accept diminishment from any other source.  There is no longer anything that I need to prove because I have made peace with God and also myself!


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