Here is a project I have been slowing working on.  Problem is I am awake for a period of time and then I feel the “crash” coming on.  I am not sure why.  It’s very annoying because I have work to do and I am so tired.  Maybe I should start adding exercise back into my daily routine!  

In this new style of art I have found more freedom.  I love mixed media projects using acrylics.  My Aunt Aranga, a fellow artist too, gave me a bunch of supplies for them I am forever grateful!  She brought back my painting period.  Before that I was in my writing period.  These periods need more creative names!

I had my poetry / book period.
Partners in policy advocacy period.
film / documentary period.
trying to rap period.
modeling period.
trying to sing period.
art / design graphics period.

The trouble with being an artist is that we never have a “respectable job”.  Well I have been a:

  • maid (too slow)
  • laundry person (I enjoyed that. No one to bother me!)
  • telemarketer (bad one)
  • church receptionist (too empathic!)
  • special needs aid (got bored)
  • photo printer (I enjoyed that no one to bother me excepting waiting on customers did not like!)
  • graphic artist (I was just learning and very unsure of myself.  Mean co-worker put me down!)
  • Avon lady (I bought more products than I sold!)
  • Mary Kay (I only had one order and gave up!)
  • Sales Associate / Assistant manager woman’s clothing (Customers can be so rude!)
I am proud that I did try some different things.  Never found my niche.  I’m a square peg in a round whole!  Someday I will find my calling.  Someday…until then I am going to do what makes me happy!  So I need to get back to this thing called “Counting Your Blessings”.  It is a work in progress
just like moowah.