Respect My Worth

As I was doing my devotions this morning I noticed one of those red number circles on my iPhone that bug me.  So I went to the app social cam to see what it was for.  It was notifying me that this
person I follow Trenton Shelton had posted a new video.
So I watched it.  It really spoke to something deep in me.  It was like an answer to prayer confirming what my gut had been trying to tell me.  I have been flip flopping around all my life.  I have not been respecting myself!  
I guess I figured turning the other cheek was allowing myself to constantly be mistreated.  So I have put up with A LOT of mistreatment.  It felt wrong.  But then people would say don’t rely on your feelings.  So I was confused.  I can’t even put it into words, but I know that there are people out there who know what I am saying!
Then their are the people who pile on the guilt.  I don’t understand how they can do this with a clear conscious.  People can do and say things to make you feel guilt when you should not.  Mixed messages…so many.  But this is clear to me: God doesn’t want me to allow myself to be mistreated.  If something feels wrong then is probably is.  Trust your instinct. I can draw lines in the sand.  They are my BOUNDARIES of what I will and will not allow.  Every person has a right to do this including Esther Marie Bautista!
If I don’t respect myself than how can I expect other to do the same?  I have to listen to the still small voice and go with my gut and not be afraid that I am wrong.  If I am wrong God will surely tell me!

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