It Was Shame.

It was shame that took my name.

That pressed me down
Into the ground.
It was shame that caused me fear-
So I couldn’t let you near.
It was shame that made me retreat-
hiding my head inside defeat.
It was shame.
Shame pulls you down
and makes you small.
It says, “Get back up if you have the gall!”
Shame is a demon.
It is a monster.
It grows with secrets
that you foster.
The only antidote that I know
that kills the shame and causes hope to grow-
The truth is you are worthy of so much more
Than you think this life has got in store.
You are beauty.
You are love.
Your life’s a gift from God above!
He doesn’t shame nor despise
He wants your heart no compromise.
Those who look to Him are radiant…
Their faces are NEVER covered with
by e.m. bautista 11/17/13 

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