In the beginning of this year January 2013, I got my first Chalazion in my left eye.  I waited patiently after seeing the eye doctor and put ointment on it to make it go away.  It didn’t.  Then I had it surgically removed around March of this year.  All was fine until around August when I got my second chalazion now in my right eye!  I waited again patiently and tried all kinds of home remedies that didn’t work.  Then a month later I got that chalazion removed only he went from the top of the eyelid this time rather than underneath.  This surgery was not as successful.  I still have a lumpy eyelid.

This morning I woke up with puff eyes and since both were puffy a little I didn’t think much of it.  But as I examine it this evening it has the same symptoms as another chalazion this time back in the original eye, the left eye!  It is red around the lash area and I see tiny white flakes on the eye lashes that are not on the healthy eyelid.  I saw this flaking with previous chalazions.

Another thing I notice is when I close my eye and use my eye muscles a slight pressure pain like a strain on the muscle.  So I washed my eyes with baby shampoo and have ever since January!  But these darn things keep coming back.  Seriously is this a curse or something?  You can’t make them go away on there own.  They always need surgery and I’m tired of going through this.

Please leave your chalazion comments / experience below.  I do not think they are cause by poor hygiene.  They say they are clogged oil ducts.  Maybe its like a bateria infection but the doctor didn’t call it an infection.

  1. It’s not that bad but distract yourself with music if you are squeamish like me!  Better yet ask for a xanax before.
  2. They don’t usually go away on their own.
  3. Most of the time surgery is a success.
  4. Sometimes like my last one the bump doesn’t go away.  It’s better but I may need another surgery or plastic surgery because I hate the feeling of the lump.
  5. Doctors don’t know it all.  They say its because of a blocked gland.