Simple Organizing Tips From A Very Disorganzied Person!

Instead of using a file cabinet use binders.  I made a video of how to do this.  It’s extremely simple even a caveman could do it.  However he would not have binders & printers so maybe he couldn’t.  But that’s besides my point.

Many people poo-poo ideas because they are too simple and so they think they are stupid.  Or they are very proud to try something new.  Well, I am not because I am organizationally challenged!!!

A personal organizer will cost you from $50-$100 dollars an hour.  I would love to have one myself because I work better with a friend helping me.  I am perfectly capable as I have discovered, to do a lot of things.  I lack motivation!  Doing projects with friends is a great motivator.  I highly recommend that.

But what is obvious to you has not been obvious to me.  I am a very slow learner.  I am a very slow talker too.  But that is just who I am and some people need to deal with that. Eh hem.  Which goes back to a point I made about special ed.  Why is it okay to insult semi-slow people like me and not okay to insult special ed students?  It is not okay to insult anyone’s intelligence and that is what the spirit of pride does.  It says I am better than you because I KNOW MORE THAN YOU. 
But sometimes I am too intense and serious and need to lighten up and laugh at myself more.  Why do we praise people for what they are gifted in?  And give others a hard time for not being gifted in that same gift?  Why are we so impressed that someone can sing?  I don’t know myself.  By the time I find my gifting I will be so happy to finally be using it!

The thing that bothers me most is thinking that I am a waste of space.  That nothing I do or say matters. That is what I have been praying about recently.  That God will reaffirm my existence.  I am that lazy brother who can’t seem to get his act together.  I think wow, if those I judged have found their calling…their still may be hope for me.  If you find relevance in anything I say praise God!  If you don’t just ignore me and go about your business.  See I digress.  I have ADD and finding out where I should type what or what idea goes where is maddening for me.

My mind is a puzzle.  And the pieces are scattered all over the floor and there are many blue sky pieces.  They all look alike.  So where do they go???


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