The Lavishness of a Loving God.

Whenever God is involved is got to be BIG.  Our God is a lavish God.  He has lavished His love upon us by sending us His best, His Beloved Son, Jesus to die for our sins so we can live ETERNALLY with Him.  You can start today by accepting His love through the Son, Jesus.  Everyone can be saved.
The only ones who can’t are the ones who refuse His GRACE.  Receive the Grace of God today.

NOW back to the lavishness of God.  Ask Him to be involved in EVERY aspect of your life and He will bless it!!!  He doesn’t do anything half-hearted.  He goes all the way…all out.  Only the best for God.  He will do WAY more than you can even imagine or think.  Yes, He does and He will.  Just ASK.  You have not because you ask not.  (And I have been asking and asking!)

Watch what God does when He rolls up His sleeves and gets to work!  You Will BE In Awe of God.
I serve a great God.  I am often impressed with celebrity sightings and meeting them to know them but I thought to myself…I Know God!  How much more impressed should I be that little old me knows the King of the Universe (He transcends it!).  I talk with Him everyday.  So I needed to apologize to Him for being overly impressed with these “famous” people.

I am sorry God.  You are my only Celebrity!  Not Hollywood…and certainly not myself!  
I often feel my thoughts are out of joint and disorganized but I do the best I can with what I have.  I am excited to see what God does with me because I am vastly under qualified for whatever He has called me to.  I think He gets a kick out of doing stuff like this.  He uses humble vessels for some great work so the vessel can’t glory in themselves and people will clearly see that it must be the hand of God working in that persons life.  I think that’s cool.  🙂
A singer who can’t sing.  A writer who can’t write. And a speaker who can’t speak. (Moses)  With God up is down and down is up.  Whoa, that’s profound.  Wow, that’s really profound.  I call this “The Secret of the Opposites”.  Other people have named it something else but that is what I came up with.
Sort of like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory…it’s filled with wisdom.  It’s not just a story for children!
In fact we can learn a lot from a child.  When I see a child and how he speaks to his mother I often wonder if God looks at me like I look at that little child.  I am often a stubborn child who think she knows best how to live.  But the truth is I don’t.  But God is so gracious and patient and kind and loving.  He is patient to teach me.  I have learned the voice of condemnation I often hear is not His voice.  His voice is soft, gentle, and loving.  Always wanting the best for me.  He does care if His children are happy and that is why He wants us to be Holy.  If we are Holy…happiness is a byproduct of that.
God really does answer prayers.  He takes His Sweet Time of course.  The Sweet Time is a season of time.  Everything has a due season.  There is a time for everything.  For years I lived in depression but God has brought me to a season of rejoicing!  I am glad I am done with the years of disabling depression.  For those of you who haven’t experienced depression you will think what is the big deal just cheer up and get over it!  Only those who have been down that road know how disabilitating it can be.  How you have prayed and prayed for it to go away.  But it was a season that God called you to go through!  Not a place to settled down in.  And joy comes in the morning and your mourning is done now!
It’s time to rejoice and use your voice to glorify God.  True some may think you odd that you serve a living God.  But you are unique and you seek to seek His face and His grace.  And afterall only He can fill that empty place…
One big challenge for me is believing God over people.  I must be honest here!  God tells me one thing and I tell someone and they say well God would never do that.  Then I think oh, I must be crazy.  Like the still small voice I heard one day.  I’m not sure I believe it myself.  But I could be mistaken.  I thought he showed me a singer and told me that that was going to be me.  Now it sounds absolutely ridiculous to me and even more so when I verbalize it.  Yeah, right Esther…we know how conceited you are.  That you think you could possible sing.  Well I told the person I don’t want to be on stage and I am not lying about that.  I don’t want to be live on stage because I am very shy.  I am still trying to overcome that.  But it is true that I have something in me that wants to sing.  But I myself can not sing!
But If God really told me I can then, I believe Him.  🙂

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