You Mean Big Foot is Not Real?

The year was 1977 and I was a shy little girl in kindergarten.  I remember mingling with a group of my classmates discussing the mystery of the great Sasquatch “Big Foot”.  I was a firm believer in him (or her).  Then one of my classmates insisted that Big Foot is not real.  My world was shattered.  Everything I had known to be true up until that point in my life made sense and I could trust it.  I burst into tears sobbing uncontrollably!  My teacher Mrs. Nelson took me outside of the classroom into the infamous utility closet to find out what was going on with me.  I don’t remember telling her the reason for my tears.  What would she have said?  Would she had reassured me of the existence of Big Foot or would she had told me the stark cold life shattering truth. “Big Foot is not real Esther!”  I can almost hear those words echo off in the distance… I’m not sure how I ever recovered from that day. I can look on it now as an adult and say “Nope. Those guys didn’t know anything! Of course he’s real!” 🙂


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