God takes His Sweet Time
Without reason Without rhyme
Patience is born
While you are at rest,
In His Sweet time
You’ll see it was best.
You can’t rush a 
Rest in the Master’s Peace.
In the sweet spot-
It’s right for your soul.
To be more like Jesus
Always His goal.
For you, are so precious
and the focus of love.
God looks down on you
on you from above-
Chiseling you through trial
and test-
Knowing it hurts but all
for the best-
Then one day you’ll soon
be revealed, wake up refreshed
and notice you’re healed!
From what once plagued
and pestered your soul-
Reflecting His Glory your
Ultimate role.
God takes His Sweet Time
without reason without rhyme.
This season will come
It does every year.
So take heart child
and live WITHOUT FEAR!
by E.M. Bautista Sept. 22, 2013 8 a.m.