Now you might say who is this woman and what does she KNOW about success?  Well, I am a married (though seperated) mother of 3.  I had to add the marital status just to be real.  Long story, but that is for another time if any.  I have ADD.  My Son is a brilliantly smart 12 year old with ADD also.  It is only now when the LABELS come flowing out do I see the benefits and the limitations that they put on us.  Now I see why people don’t like labels!  They are like expectations of what you are capable of.  Such as a diagnosis to say that this is all you will be able to do so don’t set you hopes too high.  I say be aware of the label which is not a death sentence to what you can acheieve but see it as something that you need to work on to compensate for.  It is an awareness of a weakness you have but in so many cases what is initally a weakness God uses as space for His brillant glory.

I love to write although now I see what a great challenge it is to be a writer with ADD.  My thoughts are all over the place.  It is challenging but NOT impossible.  So  I will make a list of the secrets to success and interject thoughts around this list.

Secrets to Success:
1.  Be yourself. 
(Don’t try to copy someones path to success.  Borrowing good ideas is acceptable but don’t lose yourself in trying to become someone else or what you are not!)
2.  Don’t try too hard.

(For years and years I use to beat myself up because I make mistakes!  I make a lot of them.  Some of them are intentional but most are unintentional because I am a human and therefore imperfect.  Beating yourself up does nothing good for your self-esteem!  Try.  Do your best but DO NOT try too hard to the point in which you are striving.  Do an excellent job but don’t try and do it alone without God’s help.  He wants to be your partner.  Of course in order for His glory to show the enormity of your task will be far above the skill level you find yourself.  So you will say, “I can’t do that.”  Well, you can do anything you put your mind too but in that case no you can’t do that WITHOUT GOD’S HELP.  Is it that He wants to be needed?  I don’t think so.  He doesn’t NEED anything least of all my help.  I need Him but He doesn’t need me.  I think the right words are: HE WANTS ME. 🙂
3.  Don’t be over-impressed with yourself or other people!

God has been doing serious weeding in my life.  Because I was a codependent people pleaser I was over-awed with most of what other people were saying.  I realized that people were my “little g” god and their opinions mattered more to me than God’s! (Think OPRAH.) Big mistake.  That was idolatry.  When God grants you success don’t be over-impressed with yourself!  You did not make yourself.  You did not possess the fabulous talent that got you where you are.  This is something I think about that puts the fear of God in me and great concern about success and becoming a leader.  Pride goeth before a fall.  I want to stay humble because I don’t want to crash and burn and depending on God, thanking and praising HIM will keep me humble.  We cooperate with God but God is the only one that gives us the ability to make wealth or a successful life.  Without Him we will always fall flat on our face!  

I will come back to this post.  It is not complete.  I am tired and so I am going to take a much needed nap.  Maybe God will speak to me through my dreams again…

*No longer separated.